I bought my first bus from Kobus 14 years ago. It was a slightly rusty 72 westy camper. I wanted an offroad vehicle so I lifted it, put it on mercedes wheels fitted with 235/75/15 Guyane Black Star tires. I had tons of fun with that bus!


After my second engine blew I was fed up with that bus and sold it. Obviously I quickly regretted it and when Pat (from http://www.pat.be) offered me a good 70 deluxe in 2009 I jumped on it.

This one got slightly lowered, 4 porsche 944 disc brakes, 1915 engine, new interior, window rubber, etc..

It got us to Norway, Switzerland, France, Germany, England, without problem!

One day in 2011, browsing Thesamba, I saw an ad for an awesome 68 original paint velvet green 68 Kombi. Took me 5 seconds to realise I had to sell the 70 and get the 68. Thanks to Fabs in LA and Krot in France, both guys from Vintage Autohaus, the deal was done over there for the 68 and over here for the 70.

I still have this bus, even if I almost sold it a couple of times. It's the one that made me love 68 only bays. Now it's staying for good! It's been fitted with a safare camper interior and the suspension has been put back to stock height to be able to enjoy it with the family in France in the summer of 2013.

It's going to be lowered again pretty soon because we know have an early 67 pop top camper with which we did our big family California trip in 2014.

I bought this bus online and worked on it a whole week to make it useable for a road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles with my wife and 2 kids. Needless to say that was an awesome experience.

I also had the chance to be able to buy a rare 68 deluxe in Arizona yellow, which is an uncommon (or can I even say rare?) color. It was quickly a driver but now I parked it in the back of the shop. He's waiting for a full new interior, new brakes, suspension and thin whitewall tires.

2 uncommon colors on these 68 busses.

2 uncommon colors on these 68 busses.

So, yeah, I like busses, I like bays. I have a few, I drive them, I enjoy them, and they make me happy. Maybe I can help you find the bus that will make you happy!