71 Deluxe Patina Overload


Awesome patina overload 71 deluxe.


The body is mostly very dry but a few usual bad spots: front floor, back floor under the middle seat mounting plates, winshield surrounding. The desert's sun did it's work and baked the paint nicely, that bus has an awesome patina. theres a wide but not deep dent on the left side of the body, pretty hard to see from a distance.

- Engine and Gearbox 

No engine, original gearbox is included but not in place.

- Brakes, beams and other serviceable stuff 

This bus has been sitting in the desert for many years now so everything has to be checked and most likely changed for new parts. I can supply these at a fair price.

- Wheels and tires 

OG wheels, bad tires.

- Interior

complete and in pretty good shape. Headliner only has one hole. middle and rear seat are there and savable/useable. Front seats are there but need recovering.

- Papers, customs, etc 

All taxes paid, delivered with a pink paper for belgium registering with 705 stamp. 

This awesome patina bus, slammed and on the right wheels (i'm thinking detailled fuchs for that one.. can't beat a classic) will look totally awesome.

Asking 5950€ as is. 

More photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rolandsbu ... 091539483/